Servicing F.A.Q.

What is the payment address?

P.O. Box 7054
Troy, MI 48007


For Overnight Mail:
340 East Big Beaver Road
Suite 220
Troy, MI 48083-1221

How do I make a phone payment?

Call our servicing department at 800-979-9977, one of our representatives would be happy to assist you with processing a payment from one of your banking accounts. A $17 fee will be charged for processing the payment.


Hours of operation:
Mon – Fri 7 am – 9 pm EST
Saturday 8 am – 1 pm EST

I am an insurance agent and I need to verify the mortgagee information.

Our mortgagee information is:


Towne Mortgage Company ISAOA, ATIMA
PO Box 7063
Troy, MI 48007-7063
Attn: Servicing Loan Number: Insert Here

I need to speak to someone in Collections/Foreclosure/Loss Mitigation.

Please call us at 800.979.9977 or email us at csr@townemortgage.com.

How do I get to your office?

Our office is located at 340 East Big Beaver, Suite 220 in Troy, MI. Click on the following link for a map.

I am having difficulty making my payment online.

Please click the following link, also located in the “popular links” section below, to make a payment. Follow the login instructions to access your account. Use the drop down box on the upper right hand side of the page and select “make a payment”.

What are the fees for an online payment?

For the first 5 days of the month there is NO fee to make an online payment. The 6th through the 10th of the month there is a $5 fee and after the 10th the fee is $15.

Can I make a Western Union Payment?

No, we are not set up to receive Western Union Payments at this time. We do offer Online Payments at dev.townemortgage.com, pay by mail, or automatic drafting from your account monthly. A representative can assist you making an online payment, please call 800-979-9977.

I have additional questions.

Please call us at 800.979.9977 or email us at csr@townemortgage.com.

How can I be sure my online payment went through?

If your payment has been successfully transmitted you should receive this message: Payment of $XXX.XX accepted at TIME on DATE. CUSTOMER SPECIFIC PORTION HERE. Press CTRL+P to print this page as your confirmation.